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Removing all content from page
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(Removing all content from page)
I am not sure I understand what this all is about. I was not able to identify an article into which the translation would fit. What point is there to translate a poem written in portuguese into various languages. It does not say who was written the hymn and to what purpose. I am willing to cooperate if additional information is provided. The way it is at present, I consider that it has no place in Wikipedia. [[Удзельнік:|]] 00:47, 16 Чэрвень 2007 (UTC)
:In line with the comment above, I'd like to remind everyone that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a playground. This "creation" should be taken outside Wikipedia. --[[:ro:User:AdiJapan|AdiJapan]] 02:19, 16 Чэрвень 2007 (UTC)
::Reply to your message: For your information, user pages have the sole purpose of helping users to write the encyclopedia. They are not meant to be used for "anything". --[[:ro:User:AdiJapan|AdiJapan]] 03:11, 16 Чэрвень 2007 (UTC)
:::You misunderstood the freedom of the "free encyclopedia". Go have fun elsewhere. --[[:ro:User:AdiJapan|AdiJapan]] 03:33, 16 Чэрвень 2007 (UTC)