Размовы:Галоўная старонка/2007-2010: Розніца паміж версіямі

::: Ah, but you can't blame us if nobody's interested. Anyway, if you wanted free translation of poetry, you could at least say you love us, like you love Poles and Ukrainians, y'know. Cheers. [[Удзельнік:Yury Tarasievich|Yury Tarasievich]] 13:13, 17 Чэрвень 2007 (UTC)
:::: If you don't want to help me, at least you can say "sorry, but I can't". I'll understand. But I think that we don't need this exposion for booth parts. We can decide it "discretly"! And sorry if you feel offended, it was not my intention, I like all slavic people! [[Удзельнік:Sergii-rachmonov|Sergii-rachmonov]] 00:21, 18 Чэрвень 2007 (UTC)