Розніца паміж версіямі "Размовы з удзельнікам:Da voli"

Could you help in translating the [[m:Fundraising_2010/Translation|requests for translation]] into Belarusian for the Fundraising drive and add in your language to the lists? We're going live in a week, and we'd like to make sure that Belarusian is covered for your language wikis. If you are not available, perhaps you can point me to someone else. Thanks for your time! [[Удзельнік:Kpeterzell|Keegan, WMF Fundraiser 2010]] 02:41, 8 лістапада 2010 (UTC)
: Sure, Keegan, I will help. Also I am going to give a summary of '''"4 November: The Schedule"''' memo [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fundraising_2010/Updates] on our forum to make familiar Belarusian wikipedians with the recent events. --[[Удзельнік:Da voli|Da voli]] 06:30, 9 лістапада 2010 (UTC)
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