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user:JerzyKundrat I am hardly a vandal. I am a global sysop, a fellow administrator at Commons, a former steward and an editor of multiple years, my first edit here was in 2011, four years befoer you found the site. I have been removing the crosswiki spam that has been added by cookie cutter pasting of same text at multiple wikis. This is spam for courtrecords.org and not true contributions. You can see the full report generated at m:User:COIBot/XWiki/courtrecords.org and this. Multiple languages, same text that has been added, this is not the signs of a true editor trying to improve the wikis.

I would think that you could have entered into a conversation rather than just applying a block, especially without looking at the standing of an editor. Billinghurst (размовы) 13:20, 31 кастрычніка 2020 (+03)

Please stop deleting information from pages. Your account is unlocked. --JerzyKundrat (размовы) 13:24, 31 кастрычніка 2020 (+03)

Thank you for the removal of the block. I still dispute that it was a reasonable action. user:JerzyKundrat so this reference spam is acceptable to your wiki? Billinghurst (размовы) 13:27, 31 кастрычніка 2020 (+03)
the state judicial system matters to wiki. --JerzyKundrat (размовы) 13:31, 31 кастрычніка 2020 (+03)