Hello, This is a Belorussian translation of the english Tin Can Cathedral wikipedia article. Any help that you can give me with this will be much appreciated. If you let it stand, I will put in references and footnotes and internal links. Thank you, Nicola Mitchell (размовы) 19:58, 18 чэрвеня 2013 (UTC)

Hello, Can someone in the Belorussian Wikipedia help with the correcting of any spelling in this article. My mother was Belorussian, from near Mogilev. She ended up in Germany during the war, and then after the war came as a refugee to Canada. Though I heard the language a good deal, I am not fluent in Belorussian, so I had someone read the article who is, and they told me that overall the article was fine. I admit I used Google translate at times to help me. Maybe there is a bit of a discrepancy between modern Belorussian and the one we speak here in Canada. In which case, I would not know where to begin correcting. Any help you can provide with language and grammar would be very much appreciated by me as my resources here in Canada are limited. Nicola Mitchell (размовы) 22:01, 18 чэрвеня 2013 (UTC)Nicola Mitchell (размовы) 21:19, 29 чэрвеня 2013 (UTC)

Прывітанне, перанесла артыкул пра К. Геніка ў вашу асабістую прастору.Правіць

Ён тут. Магчыма, хто-небудзь зможа дапамагчы вам з вычыткай ці перакладам. Звярніцеся на Форум.---Хамелка/ разм. 12:42, 9 верасня 2013 (UTC)