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(thank you for your concern)
: Okay, no problem and thank you for your concern. The user in question is from Brasil, and he is registered in several wikis. I wouldn't make a big deal of it, though. He's free to ask, and everybody is free, e.g., to ignore. By now, I don't see people everywhere hurrying to fulfil the request, or, alternatively, trying to ban him from publishing this English parody -- even in Russian wiki. :)) [[Удзельнік:Yury Tarasievich|Yury Tarasievich]] 08:21, 16 Чэрвень 2007 (UTC)
:: Why you aren't nice guys, as the ukrainians? They loved my parody! But belarussians, i don't know... I think you want to be russian, but you can't! You are belarussians, be proud of it! Nothing against belarussians, but you must have a lot of sense of humor! You can ban me because of this, i don't worry. But you must have a good motive, and not this post. [[Удзельнік:Sergii-rachmonov|Sergii-rachmonov]] 12:43, 17 Чэрвень 2007 (UTC)