Фізічныя характарыстыкі
Маса {{{mass}}} M
Радыус {{{radius}}} R
Свяцільнасць {{{luminosity}}} L
Тэмпература {{{temperature}}} K
Металічнасць {{{metal}}}
Вярчэнне {{{rotation}}}
Узрост {{{age}}} год

This is part of a group of templates that are used to display astronomical information related to a specific star. It should always be proceded by a {{Зорка begin}} template. The template can then be used as follows:

{{Starbox detail |
  age=Age |
  metal=% Sun |
  mass=Mass |
  radius=Radius |
  rotation=Rotation |
  luminosity=Luminosity |
  temperature=Temperature | }}

This template can also be proceded or followed by other Starbox templates:

The list should then be closed with a {{Зорка end}} template.